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Real Estate is part of the American Dream. Almost everyone wants to own a home someday and many people like to invest in real estate because, despite the ups and downs of the past decade, it is still one of the most valuable and appreciable assets one can hold. Market fluctuations may come and go but real estate is unique and precious, in that, there is only so much of it to go around and more of it cannot be made.

When you are considering a home purchase or planning to sell your home, the process can be daunting. You will want someone representing you who knows the process inside and out and can assist you with every detail of a home purchase or sale transaction, from the beginning to the closing and beyond, if needed.


Keep in mind that no one can dictate to you who should represent your legal interests in a real estate transaction. If you are told that you must use a specific attorney when you start the process of selling or buying, you are being misinformed. You always have a choice in who your attorney will be for your real estate transaction and you are also entitled to know exactly what the attorney's fee will be from the time you submit or accept an offer.

My office will charge one low flat rate fee and will assist you with negotiating home-inspection and attorney-review issues, keeping the mortgage financing moving forward, working out logistics of your move and coordinating closing with your move, final 'walk-thru' issues and the closing itself. I have dealt with hundreds of complications, unexpected issues and potential road-blocks that can arise during a typical transaction and am able to help you smoothly navigate thru it all.

Estate Planning

Most of us do not want to think about this subject; I have many clients who tell me that they want to discuss their estate plan 'sometime soon'. Then, I don't hear from them again for months or, even, years. Estate planning does not have to be painful, complicated, difficult or expensive. Call me for a complimentary consultation and we can develop a clear and concise plan of action regarding your estate plan

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